Using emotion regulation techniques To maintain mental health

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A knife can be a cooking tool. and tools used to harm others at the same time Whether that knife will be beneficial or harmful depends on the person holding it. Everything in this world can create both benefit and harm at the same time. People who choose how something is used to create benefit. or causing trouble is the user who has the power to control that thing. Sometimes I forget How to control your emotion their own as well.

Emotional control It is an act that is intended to change the emotional intensity at the moment it occurs. To have a lighter mood or feeling. For some people, they can control their emotions better than others because they have high emotional intelligence. But some people have difficulty controlling their emotions. Sometimes having negative emotions, anger, anger, causes one to go crazy. and lead to disastrous results. If today you still have difficulty controlling your emotions. Or want to change yourself to be a conscious person. Have more composure. This skill, ยูฟ่าเบท would like to say, is a skill that can be practiced. And learning how to manage negative emotions can greatly benefit your mental health.

ways to control your anger

Stop thinking and breathe: Negative emotions come on very quickly. Especially anger, so much so that sometimes you may feel anger bubbling up without you even realizing it. The first way to bring awareness is STOP! Stop thinking and take a deep breath and exhale slowly.   

Ask yourself how you feel: Anger is often accompanied by physical abnormalities. If you want to know how you’re feeling right now. Pay more attention to your physical reactions. And ask yourself a lot of questions, such as: Are you having an upset stomach right now? Is your heart racing? Do you feel tightness in your neck or head? Part of what’s going on with your body can be an indicator of what emotions you’re experiencing.  

Identify the source of emotion: After understanding the emotions you feel Let you define the emotion. Whether it’s anger, sadness, disappointment, or resentment, then dig a little deeper. For example, if you’re feeling afraid, What are you afraid of? If you feel angry What are you angry about? The ability to name this emotion It will allow you to get to know the root cause of the origin more. and manage emotions better. 

Accept the emotions that arise: It’s normal to have emotions. And it is a natural response to the situation that is occurring. Instead of feeling bad about yourself Realize that the emotional reactions you are having are normal. But it shouldn’t be allowed to escalate. Try to practice understanding. Acknowledge these emotions It’s a normal human reaction.