Are you wondering why the more you lose, the fatter you get!

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Are you wondering why the more you lose, the fatter you get: The matter of food It is consider an important factor that affects weight. Of course, if you eat too much it will cause you to gain weight. His body changed from being thin to being fat. But on the other hand, if you eat too little or not enough food to meet your body’s needs. Weight may decrease But what comes with it is worsening health. Illnesses begin to ask Therefore, anyone who has faith or has ever heard that Skipping dinner will cause weight loss. It is consider an incorrect idea. Because the consequences are more dangerous than you think.

Effective weight loss and improved health as well. Therefore, it means reducing excess fat on the upper arms, thighs, waistline, and hips to a minimum. Without causing the bones to become thinner Muscle atrophy or absolutely less blood Genetic UFABET confirms that if weight loss is done correctly by reducing excess fat, alone Weight shouldn’t come off quickly. The average is about 2 kg. plus or minus. If you lose faster than this, it means you have thin bones. muscle atrophy and the blood also decreases In addition, it also causes a yo-yo effect, meaning when you stop losing weight, your weight increases so quickly that you can’t stop it, which may cause your weight to increase even more than before you lost weight.

Losing weight by skipping certain meals. In addition to dangers from malnutrition such as fainting, dizziness, heart palpitations, stress, gastritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, anemia, muscle weakness. Decreased intelligence and concentration when working or studying as well as osteoporosis It may also cause obesity problems that do not reduce. or gradually the fatter become even more fat.

This is because every human body has ancient self-defense mechanisms. Do not lack food to the point of endangering your life in times of famine due to natural disasters. By reducing the ability to automatically metabolize food. Therefore, when reducing the overall food intake each day, metabolism also decreases. The end result is the same amount of fat as before because calories are not as negative as expected.

Moreover, in meals that are not fasting. The metabolism was still abnormally low. This causes the meal to be converted into more fat. Makes you fatter from that meal even though you eat the same amount.

Controlling your diet to lose weight So it’s not a diet. And absolutely do not starve. You must eat complete meals and on time, just change the type of food.